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Christine Rumler—Owner

Prior to becoming the owner of Planet Cheer, Christine and her husband, Trent, were proud parents cheering on three of their daughters who have developed the same love of the sport as their mom. Through their kids, Mckenzie (12), Macie (10), and Marlie (5), Christine and Trent were able to see first-hand the type of community Planet Cheer offered and became proud members of the Planet Cheer family.

Christine is a Colorado native, born and raised in Greeley. Growing up, cheerleading quickly became a passion of hers and Christine spent her youth and then also in her high school years as a star performer on her cheerleading squad at Greeley West High School. Her love for the sport never waned, and through the years she enjoyed following the sport, and introducing it to her daughters as they, too, fell in love with the sport.

Christine and her husband Trent have been married for 13 years now, and together share 4 beautiful daughters. Their oldest daughter, Marissa, (20), is not involved in the sport herself, though she is immensely proud and supportive of her younger sisters and loves cheering them on in competitions when she is home on breaks from Colorado Mesa University.

Christine and her husband, Trent are the co-owners of Rumler Rebar, a small business they started in 2013, that has expanded into successful booming business through the years. While her husband is deeply immersed in their Rebar business, Christine found herself wanting something more, and as exciting as Rebar is, Christine needed a change.

As the owner of Planet Cheer, Christine will bring forth a fresh passion for the business renewing the energy, drive and ambition to create opportunities for Planet Cheer on levels not yet reached and building upon the path Planet Cheer has already created for all involved.

Christine believes that by creating a tight-knit group of both parents and athletes alike, Planet Cheer will stand out as a gym that not only is producing winning competitors on many levels, it will also showcase the strength and positive energy that comes from Christine and her team creating an environment where every person matters, every person is appreciated, and every athlete feels like family.



Customer Review

Customer reviews - 5 stars

Customer commentsLove this place because the coaches are really attentive to the athletes... and most importantly they have such an awesome atmosphere! Would 10/10 recommend Planet Cheer
~ Alexis Hernandez

Customer Review

Customer reviews - 5 stars

Customer commentsIf you are looking for an environment for your athlete to be competitive, accountable, and hardworking - this place is for you! Coaches are AMAZING! Cannot imagine sending my kiddo anywhere else!
~ Tori Garcia

Customer Review

Customer reviews - 5 stars

Customer commentsOur family has had nothing but the best experiences here. We are very happy to be part of a family like culture, and treated so well by everybody here. Thank you for everything Planet Cheer!
~ Jamie Finely


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